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2 Dead After Gang Members Storm Cancun Beach, Sending Vacationers Scrambling For Safety


CANCUN, MEXICO — A group of armed gang members who stormed a beach and opened fire, left vacationers quickly searching for shelter just outside the Hyatt Ziva in Puerto Morelos. Police say the incident seems to have been between drug dealers, a clear sign of an area in distress.

The assailants, who were reportedly armed with “long guns”, stormed into the beach area and seized one man at gunpoint amid a sea of panicking tourists, according to local news website Noticaribe. At least one unidentified person was injured after being struck with the butt of a weapon.


“No tourists were seriously hurt or kidnapped,” a security official said. To add ‘kidnapped’ to the sentence would lead me to believe that kidnappings are a somewhat normal occurrence in the area. Or maybe that’s just me.

Some who were there, or knew someone who was there, took to Twitter in an effort to understand what was going on, and what could be done about it.

Just a few days ago at a nearby resort, two tourists were shot and killed at a restaurant during a shootout between suspected gang members.

With tourism being one of the biggest forms of revenue for Mexico, especially in Cancun and surrounding areas, one has to wonder if business will slow down. Being on the west coast of Florida, I won’t get on a cruise ship that stops in Mexico and if I did, I wouldn’t be getting off the ship at port.

And I’ve been in that mindset for years.

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