[WATCH] Armed Robber Takes 150gr Bullet After He Draws Gun On Concealed Carrier


This one has it all. Quick response, situational awareness, malfunction clearing, successful defense.

Two employees were at a mobile phone store when an armed man with his face covered came in to try and score some cash and goods.

One of the employees was armed, and had his hand on his gun even before the bad guy displayed his. That’s situational awareness, as he had a gut feeling that this guy was up to no good.

The armed employee is seen taking his first of five shots in this self-defense encounter.

In total, the armed robber fired six shots and the armed employee fired five. Luckily, each of the robber’s shots missed.

The employee’s fifth shot was the only one to make it on target, but it was enough to stop the threat and end the attack.

During the self-defensive shooting, the armed employee experienced a malfunction with his firearm. He was able to quickly clear it under stress and get himself back in the fight.

You’ll want to watch this video.

John from ASP also had an interview with the armed employee, which provides even more details about the events that unfolded. You can watch that interview below.

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