Pro Tip: Stop Answering The Door For Strangers At Night

A man turned the tables on a group of robbers late Monday night, but not before the man himself opened the door to see what they wanted. “Hello, trouble. Welcome to my home!”

Gwinnett police Cpl. Michele Pihera said the victim told officers he retrieved his gun after seeing several men walking across his back patio.

The suspects later knocked on his front door, and when he answered the door, they asked him to step outside, according to Pihera.

“When the victim said that he was not interested in stepping outside, that’s when the suspects forced their way inside the home,” she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “One of them was wearing a mask and one was armed with a bat. Inside the home was the victim’s family, a female and a small infant.”

Pihera said as soon as the suspects entered the apartment, “the victim used his firearm and discharged at least two rounds.”

The outcome was one dead robber, an injured robber and another one stupid enough to show up at the hospital with no injuries. He wanted to visit his injured friend. #robbers4lyfe

The point of this story being here is not because the man defended himself against the intruders (although yes, good for him), but more so because he exercised poor judgement by answering the door during a shady situation.

If you feel you need to retrieve your firearm because you see “several men walking across his back patio”, it’s probably not the smartest idea to answer the door when they knock. A better method would have been to arm yourself and call police to let them know that people are walking around your property at night, and are now at your door.

Then, if they were to try and enter the home on their own, all bets are off.

But until then, you should be sitting tight and not inviting the criminals in. Literally. You open the door for people who were just on your patio, snooping around your house late at night, you’re asking for trouble.

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