NJ Mother And 2 Children Murdered After Getting Restraining Order Against Husband

A triple murder-suicide took place in New Jersey after a few weeks of troubled relations between a husband and wife. When the husband threatened to kill his wife, she kicked him out of the apartment and filed a restraining order in court.

That restraining order was provided, but did nothing to save a single life.

Police discovered the bodies of Ruth Reyes, her daughter, Eurianny, and son, Eury, after they found the body of Reyes’ 54-year-old husband, Eugenio Severino, in a wooded area near the couple’s Penns Grove apartment. Police said the man died by suicide and officers checking his home later found the young family dead.

via nj.com

Whenever discussing situations such as this, we cannot make the comment of “If she had a gun, she might be alive.” While that is true, we don’t know the circumstances around Reyes. Maybe she didn’t like guns. Maybe she couldn’t own one. Maybe they couldn’t have one in the home because of Severino. Or maybe she just never thought about it.

Or maybe it’s because she lived in New Jersey.

All speculation, but living in a state such as New Jersey, where gun control laws run out of control and concealed carry permits are hard to come by, they definitely hinder the ability of honest and law-abiding citizens from getting firearms.

Even if Reyes were able to get a firearm to protect herself and her children, it would have likely been too lengthy of an ordeal to have mattered.

And that’s where the problem is.

We all know that restraining orders are simply pieces of paper, and we also know that a person bent on doing harm to someone is, many times, an unstoppable force.

By unstoppable, I mean they’re going to attempt to do what they’re set out to do. By no means do I mean that they’ll be successful, more so in the face of their intended victim(s) being armed.

It’s an incredibly sad time for this woman and her children, their family, their friends, and their community.

There is no better way to prepare yourself against someone who looks to do you harm than to own a firearm and train with that firearm.

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