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[VIDEO] Cop Wannabe With Serious Road Rage Issues After Pulling Gun On Driver

This guy checks all the boxes for wannabe cop, making his vehicle look like an undercover cop car inside and out.

His own dashcam shows a day where things got out of hand, and his actions are absolutely astonishing to watch.

With his two kids in the car, he couldn’t have been anymore irresponsible than he was.

Did we mention that he pulled a gun on another driver for seemingly no reason at all?

The chase is on. Give this one a watch in it’s entirety and think about how you’d react if you were the driver this guy was trying to chase down.

For me, I’d be on the phone with 911 while heading to the closest police station. I don’t need that kind of crazy in my life, and definitely wouldn’t do anything to provoke him further.

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