BREAKING: Suspect In Maine Mass Shooting Found Dead, Victim’s Names Released

UPDATE @ 11:11AM: Police held a press conference this morning, revealing that the suspect was found inside an industrial trailer at the Maine Recycling Corporation, dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Original Story:

In Lewiston, Maine, the suspect behind the recent massacre that claimed 18 lives, Robert Card, was found deceased, ending a tense manhunt. The discovery of his body, with a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound, was confirmed by Maine State Police and Governor Janet Mills.

His body was found in the woods near Lisbon, 8 miles from Lewiston.

The incident had triggered intense law enforcement efforts, with Maine Police Chief David St. Pierre emphasizing the need to focus on the victims’ families.

The manhunt had caused widespread anxiety, with shelter-in-place orders issued in parts of Androscoggin and Sagadahoc counties. Over 530 tips were received during the investigation. The names of the 18 victims were announced, highlighting the profound impact on the local community.

The incident led to a strong political response. Representative Jared Golden, previously against an assault weapons ban, reversed his stance, urging Congress to act. President Joe Biden expressed deep sorrow, offering prayers for the victims and their families.

The tragedy was acknowledged in sports as well, with the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics paying tribute to the victims during their games. The incident, while bringing a sense of relief with the suspect’s death, has left a lasting impact on Lewiston and beyond, prompting calls for healing and reflection on gun violence.

The names of the victims were released during a press conference by Commissioner Mike Sauschuck of the Maine Department of Public Safety, and are as follows:

  • Ronald G. Morin, 55
  • Peyton Brewer-Ross, 40
  • Joshua A. Seal, 36
  • Bryan M. MacFarlane, 41
  • Joseph Lawrence Walker, 57
  • Arthur Fred Strout, 42
  • Maxx A. Hathaway, 35
  • Stephen M. Vozzella, 45
  • Thomas Ryan Conrad, 34
  • Michael R. Deslauriers II, 51
  • Jason Adam Walker, 51
  • Tricia C. Asselin, 53
  • William A. Young, 44
  • Aaron Young, 14
  • Robert E. Violette, 76
  • Lucille M. Violette, 73
  • William Frank Brackett, 48
  • Keith D. Macneir, 64

“The victims of this tragedy are our family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors. It is often said that our state is ‘one big, small town’ because Maine is such a closeknit community,” Gov. Janet Mills said in a statement. “As a result, many of us know the victims personally, including me, who lost a friend in Josh Seal, who Maine people fondly remember from his service as an ASL interpreter during our COVID-19 briefings. I am heartbroken for the families of these victims, including Aaron Young who was just fourteen years old.”

Mills encouraged Mainers to educate themselves about those killed and honor them.

“Tonight, I ask Maine people to join me in reading their stories, learning who they were, celebrating them as beloved people, and mourning them as irreplaceable,” she said. “My heart continues to go out to those who are recovering from their injuries, and we remain committed to seeking justice for all those impacted by this unspeakable tragedy.”

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