A Fine Example Of What Happens When You’re Pulled Over While Carrying A Firearm


It should be no secret now that I frequent the /CCW subreddit. After all, they have a lot of really great content, submitted by concealed carriers just like you and I. We all learn from each other, and it really should never end.

One question that I am asked often is this: “What should I expect if I’m ever pulled over while carrying my firearm?”

A reddit user recently shared his experience on this exact topic.

It’s a great question, but it should never be answered with anything generic. Each situation is different, as is each police officer with whom you may encounter. Some (most) will make it an extremely smooth process, and maybe even talk guns with you. Others, maybe not so much. That’s why encounters like the one you’re about to read are fun… and important… to share.

Here is how this reddit user’s encounter went:

Got pulled over for speeding. I told the cop I had a concealed carry.

“And I’m assuming you have one on you?” he asked.

“Yes, I have two”

“And they are both loaded and ready to go?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good! If I ever need your help, I’d hope you were ready”

He did write me a ticket, but he bumped my speed down so I wouldn’t get any points and he thanked me again for carrying a gun.

It was as simple as that, and it’s likely that your encounter (if you ever have one) will be just as smooth. There’s really no reason to be afraid or to think that something bad will happen. You’re legally carrying, and you’re not being suspected of a crime.

As a rule of thumb, I always recommend that you’re up front with the officer about the fact that you’re carrying. If you choose this route, stay away from words like ‘gun’. Instead, follow a similar structure to what we just saw above.

“Good afternoon, Officer. I just want to let you know that I have my concealed carry permit and currently have one on me. How would you like to proceed?”

This lets them know that A) you’re armed, B) you’re up front about it and C) you’re letting them take the lead with whatever will make them feel comfortable.

Remember; they don’t know you from anyone else, and it seems like common courtesy to proceed in this manner. That’s my two cents. What’s yours?

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