VIDEO: Can You Shoot Three Shots On Target In Under One Second? This Guy Can…

Whoa. I mean, whoa. This guy has got to have countless hours under his belt to be this proficient and quick. The amount of training that is required to draw and shoot successfully at this level is… let’s just say it’s a ridiculous amount.

Say hello to YouTuber Baret Fawbush, who we’ve been following for a little while now after we saw this video of him shooting a little while back. Oh, and while he was shooting, fireworks were shooting in his direction. Talk about training under stress.

If you’re a beginner and think this would be fun to try, don’t. Well, maybe after you’ve practiced dry for quite a long time, and then practiced some more at the range, while eventually working up to the quickness seen in the above video.

Seriously, don’t attempt something like this until you’re ready. And that may be a while.

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