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Parking Lot Altercation Leads To Intoxicated Idiot Grabbing Rifle From Truck And Threatening Everyone

ANDERSON TOWNSHIP, OHIO — A 19-year-old is facing charges after being a complete and utter moron.

The man, who police say was highly intoxicated at the time, thought it’d be a wise idea to go get his rifle from his vehicle to threaten people in a parking lot during an argument.

Local media reports;

According to witnesses, two patrons came out of a local establishment when Scott Stoddard, 19, came up to them visibly upset.

Christine Witschger, who was on the scene at the time, said she believes the 19-year-old thought they were talking about him.

“They were homies and they just got done playing pool,” she said. “They were giving each other a hard time and I think maybe he thought they were speaking to him.”

Via fox19.com

At this point, Stoddard and a female friend began attacking the two victims. He then went to his truck to grab an AR-15, which police say he pointed at multiple people and threatened them.

Others at the scene were able to subdue Stoddard and gain control over his rifle and the situation. Police arrived shortly after and arrests were made.

“They brought him to the ground,” she said. “One of them grabbed the gun and got rid of it … It just all happened so fast. They literally took him down and took it away from him.”

The rifle was not loaded at the time. Police found two loaded magazines for the rifle inside his truck.

This is the face of a person who should not own guns. These are the actions of someone who is not responsible enough for firearm ownership. Whether or not he legally purchased the firearm is not known at this time, but he’s sure to make the list for unfit persons.

Luckily he didn’t do anything above his actions, and I’m glad to see that some people were there and were able to stop him from continuing.

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