Andrew Cuomo Vows To Repeal NY SAFE Act If Re-Elected In November

ALBANY, NEW YORK — Former NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned last year amid multiple sexual harassment allegations, is seeking to run again in the November 2022 elections. Because of this bumpy past, it seems that he’s now willing to go to the extreme in an effort to reach out to the nearly 5 million gun owners in New York.

As a part of that effort, Cuomo announced today that if re-elected, he would immediately take steps to repeal the NY SAFE Act, a comprehensive gun control package that he himself signed in the dead of night back in 2013.

“I know in my heart that I believe in the right to own guns, and I know that with time, gun owners in our great state of New York will forgive me,” Cuomo said in a statement Friday. “The SAFE Act was something that I thought would do good in our State, but it’s obvious I was wrong. Gun crime is actually up, and it turns out that criminals don’t care if you tell them they can only have 10-round magazines. They just don’t care.”

We spoke to numerous gun-owning New Yorkers, who surprisingly all had the same response. “This guy is a moron.”

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