Here’s A Tip On How To Not Shoot Yourself In The Chest When Taking Your Firearm Apart

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE — Check the firearm before trying to take it apart.

I honestly hate to cover stories like these, but feel that it’s important to hold people accountable for their negligence, especially when it comes to firearms.

The Chattanooga Police Department reported on it’s Twitter account that a man had accidentally negligently shot himself in the chest while disassembling one of his firearms at work. He was said to be awake and alert while being transported to the hospital.

Of course, I hope that this man makes a full recovery, but need to point out how this could have easily been avoided: ALWAYS CHECK YOUR FIREARM TO MAKE SURE THAT IT IS, IN FACT, UNLOADED BEFORE DISASSEMBLING.

By following the 4 rules and taking our time, things like this can be decreased by 100%. That’s right, 100%. There is no excuse, and never will be.

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