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[REVIEW] Shield Arms S15 Magazine for the Glock 43X & 48: Increase Your Capacity To 15 Rounds

If you’re a fan of the Glock 43X or 48, a new product from Shield Arms should leave you at the edge of your seat awaiting the next available batch on their website. Aftermarket accessories are all the rave with Glock owners wanting to perfect the alleged Glock Perfection. Aside from some good night sights, this new magazine is making the 43X and 48 firearms absolute game-changers. From Glock, we have 10 round magazines but if you look at the 365 from Sig, its shocking Glock couldn’t give us more rounds. They took the easy route and made their steel lined, thick plastic mags as they do for all firearms. Shield Arms took Glock’s 10 and Raised them to 15 with a steel-bodied, flush fit mag! It’s unbelievable. I took it to the range and ran it through its first 205 rounds.


The mag fit feels great. It’s feeding flawlessly thus far and drops free better than factory Glock mags. The one main concern people have is with the wear on your factory magazine catch. Shield has a fix for that as well. They offer a new metal mag catch to make the issue null and void. We ran the Glock 43X with the factory mag catch to see how it held up. So far it’s doing just fine but we did notice some wear on the back right corner of the factory catch. I’ll be adding in the metal catch from Shield Arms for our follow up test of 1,000 rounds through the single magazine.


One of my favorite features of the magazine is the base which has indentions to fill in for easy labeling. The build quality of the mag is top-notch and in line with major magazine manufacturers that make steel-bodied magazines. The spring is stiff, as it should be with that high of round count in such a small package. I’d recommend the use of a Maglula speed loader for easy reloads, especially to get through that initial break-in. If you’re doing a lot of shooting, Shield Arms is offering an additional extra power spring you can purchase separately.

If you’d like to see the magazine from Shield Arms in action, check out the full range review at The Armorer’s Fix. The first video shows our initial rundown of the magazine and the first 280 rounds ran through it. The second is a 1,000 round stress test, again, all through one magazine to prove it is worthy of your time.

Check it out and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments!

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