Huge Gun Sales Numbers This Black Friday, Averaging 3 NICS Checks Per Second

On the busiest shopping day of the year, gun sales were a big piece of the puzzle as more Americans are buying up arms. Last year on Black Friday, NICS processed a total of 144,758 background checks. At 2pm today, they were slated to surpass that number. The amount of NICS checks today is around 3-times the amount processed on a normal day.

It seems that Black Friday deals on firearms and accessories are getting better year after year, and it also seems that more people are taking notice of the need to protect themselves.

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A contributing factor to the increase in sales could be the recent riots in Ferguson that followed the grand jury’s decision not to indict Officer Wilson in a shooting death of a teenager back in August. With the story making national headlines, it has likely made people aware that a riot or other event such as this could happen one day in their own back yards.

In the Ferguson area, gun sales skyrocketed in anticipation of the violence following the grand jury announcement.

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