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Would-Be Robber’s Handgun Reportedly Malfunctions, Aiding CPL Holder In Stopping Armed Robbery

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — A shooting incident took place on February 8 at 9:53 p.m. in the parking lot of Carmen’s Delicatessen in Detroit. The details emerged on March 10 through a criminal complaint, according to Click On Detroit.

A man with a concealed pistol license (CPL) informed police that he fired a shot in self-defense during a robbery attempt.

He and a friend visited the store and observed two individuals, an older man and a younger man later identified as Joshua Fordham.

Fordham, wearing a blue Detroit Lions jacket and ski mask, followed the two men into and out of the store.

He then allegedly threatened the CPL holder’s friend and demanded the CPL holder’s possessions. The CPL holder complied, giving Fordham his wallet.

Fordham then proceeded to search the CPL holder while holding a handgun. In response, the CPL holder fired his weapon, striking Fordham in the chest. Police later found Fordham injured, along with a loaded Ruger P95DC handgun that had malfunctioned.

The CPL holder’s wallet was also recovered from Fordham’s belongings.

Surveillance footage confirmed the events. It showed Fordham following the two men and pointing his weapon at the CPL holder’s friend. After receiving the wallet, Fordham patted down the CPL holder, who then shot him.

Fordham’s criminal record includes a 2014 guilty plea for armed robbery and a felony firearm violation, resulting in a 5-15 year prison sentence for armed robbery and a 2-year sentence for the firearm violation. As a convicted felon, Fordham is prohibited from possessing firearms.

The complaint asserts probable cause for Fordham’s illegal possession of a firearm.

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