Basketball Star Suspended After Reportedly Flashing Gun On Instagram Live Video

Ja Morant, a talented player from the Memphis Grizzlies, has once again found himself suspended. In a recent Instagram Live video, Morant can be seen waving what appears to be a firearm while driving a slow-moving vehicle.

The Grizzlies issued a statement acknowledging the video and confirming Morant’s suspension from all activities pending a review by the league. The NBA is currently in the process of gathering more information regarding the incident.

This is not the first time Morant has faced disciplinary action for a similar situation. Back in March, he received an eight-game suspension without pay after going live on Instagram from a Colorado nightclub and displaying a firearm that was later determined to belong to someone else.

The Grizzlies wasted no time in announcing Morant’s absence from the team for at least two games following the recent incident. The NBA conducted an investigation into the matter and concluded that Morant did not have the firearm while traveling with the team. Additionally, he was not charged with any crime by the police.

During the previous suspension, Morant had a meeting with NBA commissioner Adam Silver to discuss his behavior, which was deemed “detrimental to the league” in a statement issued by the NBA.

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