Woman Shot After Trying To Break In Multiple Homes In The Same Neighborhood On The Same Night


MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE – Clearly this woman did not have all her mental faculties with her on the night she tried to break into multiple homes all right near each other. Whether she suffers from a mental health issue, or she was under the influence of drugs, we don’t know; but the consequences for her actions that night resulted in a gun shot wound.

A woman was shot while attempting to break into a Raleigh apartment she claimed was hers.

A neighbor said she was asleep when she heard someone trying to break into several homes.

“I heard a boom coming from across the hall, and my husband, my daughter and I jumped,” she told FOX13. “And I heard after that a woman say ‘She shot me.’”

The resident told FOX13 that Glass started banging on her patio door around 4 a.m. Sunday. That’s when she heard noises that sounded like gunshots and glass breaking.

She told FOX13 she heard someone trying to get in through her 15-year-old son’s bedroom window.

“My neighbors said he or she was going around twisting the nobs and ringing the doorbells,” she said.

The victim told police she asked Glass to get away from her door. She said Glass wouldn’t leave. That’s when the suspect allegedly broke the glass on the patio door.

According to police, the victim shot the suspect when she came into the home.

Via Fox 13

After being shot, Glass (the burglar) fled the scene. She was later found by police not too far away. When they found her she was clutching a bag of garbage, a handful of mail she had stolen, and a fire hydrant cap.

Again, we don’t know if Glass suffers from a mental condition or if she was just crazed out on drugs. Regardless of which, she was a danger to herself and to others. It is unfortunate that she needed to be shot before her spree of craziness could come to an end, but the homeowner did what she needed to do to protect herself.

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