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Concealed Carrier Killed While Trying To Stop Armed Robbery

HOUSTON, TEXAS — We carry firearms to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and potentially anyone else who’s life may be in danger. We all know that drawing our firearm in one of these events comes with the potential of serious consequences.

According to Houston police, two customers and an employee were inside the store when two armed people walked in and announced a robbery. One of the customers — later identified as Austin Michael Thomerson — who was also armed, intervened and was shot in the chest. The two robbers fled the scene, police said.

Thomerson was critically injured and transported to a hospital, where he later died.

Via Click2Houston

We usually have the good fortune to write about positive concealed carry stories. We cover a lot of news about armed Americans defending themselves and their loved ones. Unfortunately, this story ends differently.

Michael Thomerson, the concealed carrier in the story, saw an opportunity to draw his weapon and took it. While attempting to intervene, Thomerson was shot and killed. Unfortunately, we don’t know the circumstances of what prompted Thomerson to draw, or if he managed to fire a shot.

Did the armed robbers threaten to kill the employee? Did they aim the gun at Thomerson and threaten to shoot him? Whatever the situation, Thomerson felt obligated to draw his weapon with the intention to do good.

We can talk about things like situational awareness, cover, positioning, marksmanship and a slue of other conditions that could have impacted how this story ends. However, each and every one of us must determine at the time of such events, if we are ready and prepared to take action.

Having a tactical understanding of the scene isn’t a luxury we will always be afforded if a decisions has to be made in an instant. Our hearts go out to the Thomerson family. Hopefully they understand he acted bravely to try and help others.

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