Gun Used In Oxford High School School Shooting Was Purchased On Black Friday By Suspect’s Father

The 15-year-old responsible for Tuesday’s deadly school shooting at a Michigan High School is said to have stolen the gun from his father, who had just purchased it days earlier on Black Friday.

The suspect, who we will not name, killed 4 students and injured 7 others, including a teacher. On Wednesday, he appeared in court and faces dozens of charges and will be face those charges as an adult.

For parents and gun owners everywhere, I implore you; keep your firearms out of reach from unauthorized users, and that includes kids with reported behavioral issues. It’s your firearm and yours alone. Or maybe it’s yours and your spouse. It’s not your kid’s gun, and that means they shouldn’t have access to it on their own. It’s really not that difficult.

This loser will now face the justice system as families begin the healing process that will take more than a lifetime. It’s a sad state of affairs, and there’s no single thing to blame this on because there are multiple levels of blame, but for f**k sake secure your firearms.

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