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Man Slaps Two Children Riding Bikes In The Street, Their Father Runs Over, Man Pulls Gun And Fires

Want to see a bad situation? This is a bad situation.

Two children were riding their motorized bikes on the road, and apparently a neighbor wasn’t happy with the noise.

He goes up to each child individually, has some words with them, and hits each one in the face.

If that’s not enough of a problem, they aren’t even his kids.

The father of the children sees what is happening and runs over to help the kids and to figure out what this man is doing. The two exchange some words, no doubt, and then the man pulls out a gun and points it at the father.

The children get out of the way quickly, luckily, and the father retreats. All smart moves, until the next move…

The father then goes back towards the man with the gun in an apparent attempt to get him on camera. While this is a great idea, it should be done from a safe distance. The last thing you should be doing is running towards a person with a gun pointed at you.

During the father’s attempt to get video evidence, the man is having none of it and fires two shots at the father, luckily missing him and anyone else that could have been in harm’s way.

The incident ended with police arresting the man after an hours-long standoff at his home.

If this guy was a legal concealed carrier, he’s obviously in the wrong for so many reasons.

Furthermore, I cannot stress enough; The whole point, in this case, is to get yourself and children to a safe place and call police. DO NOT confront someone who has shown hostility AND is armed. There is nothing good that can come from that.

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