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Homeowner Shoots Intruder, Intruder Given Air-Lifted Tax Payer Ride To Hospital

HESPERIA, CALIFORNIA — A homeowner shot an 18-year-old intruder while he tried to enter the home while the whole family was asleep. It happened on Monday and while the suspect was air-lifted to the hospital, someone at the home was placed in handcuffs and put into a police car. Local news reports;
“Through interviews of the residents there at the location, the deputies determined that a male subject, the subject that had been shot, approached the residence, the homeowner and his family were inside the residence sleeping [and] were awoken by the door being forced open by the subject,” Hubbard said. The homeowner, a male, engaged in a confrontation at the front door with the subject then was able to retrieve a firearm from inside the residence and shoot the suspect, officials confirmed.
Four children and several other people were inside the home at the time of the incident, but none of them were injured. The homeowner who engaged the suspect was treated for minor injuries by paramedics at the scene. The person put in handcuffs was not the suspect, police say, but they did not elaborate any further. It could have been the homeowner who fired the shots, but it’s unclear. There is always the chance that, when shooting in self-defense, the police will indeed put you in handcuffs until they can figure out all of the details. If you’re ever in this situation — and we hope you’re not — this is something to be prepared for.
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