Home Invasion Leads To Homeowner And Intruder Shot After Gun Fight


STATESBORO, GEORGIA — If you decide to fight, you can still get shot. That doesn’t mean that you’re a victim, though. That’s a matter of perception. Things went down that you weren’t expecting, but you made a conscious decision to fight back.

That’s what happened during an attempted home invasion Saturday morning at a home in Georgia.

The Statesboro Police department says officers were dispatched around 9:30 Saturday to the apartments to find two male victims shot.

Officers believe this was an attempted home invasion that led to an exchange of gunfire, wounding one of the apartment’s tenants and one of the suspects.

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The details don’t specify who was shot in the apartment. It could have been the person shooting at the intruder, or it could have been someone else inside.

Either way, someone in the home fought back against an armed thug looking for an easy score. Instead of making a clean getaway, he’s in the hospital and then off to jail.

We hope that the injured party on the good guy side recovers quickly and fully. And we hope the armed intruder spends an extended amount of time behind bars.

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