[VIDEO] Laundromat Employee Forced To Draw Firearm After Physical Altercation With Customer


HOLLY SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI — An employee at a laundromat became the victim of an angry customer, after that customer came into the conversation that the employee was having with another customer.

If that sounds confusing, the problem customer basically started a fight with something that had absolutely nothing to do with her.

McClatchy said she was reminding two women not to overload the washing machines.

“That we can’t refund if you’re overloading the washers,” McClatchy said.

That’s when she said another customer butted in with a lecture about how the laundromat was responsible if the machines broke.

“Just started telling me how she was a law student,” McClatchy said.

“It had nothing to do with her. She was just another customer in here using the dryer.”

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That’s when the verbal altercation turned physical. Some of the incident was captured on camera inside and outside the business. You can see some of that footage below.

The employee was able to get away and go outside, where she was followed by the customer who had just been attacking her.

While on the phone with 911, the employee draws her firearm and points it towards the customer, which has her think twice. The customer starts walking away, which was a smart move on her part.

Police arrived a short time later and took a report, but the customer had already left.

The employee seemed to do a great job with trying to get herself removed from the altercation by going outside. When followed, she feared that the attack would continue, and made the decision to draw her firearm.

Police did not respond to a media inquiry as to whether any charges would be filed against the employee. It wouldn’t seem that they would, but that’s up to the District Attorney.

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