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Daughter Comes Home From College To Surprise Mom, Mom Mistakes Her For Intruder And Shoots

With mom home alone, her daughter had planned to surprise her by showing up to the home unannounced from college. I’m all for a good surprise, but not all for armed citizens not understanding what they’re shooting at.

The 911 call went like this:

“My girlfriend just came home from college and her mom didn’t know, like honestly — she accidentally shot her and we don’t know what to do.”
“She accidentally shot her?”
“Yes, I believe in the arm.”
“Okay and how bad is she bleeding?”

As mom was home alone, she heard a noise coming from the kitchen and grabber gun. She’s a concealed carry permit holder, and doesn’t like being home alone.

Local media was given the following information from police;

“The mother who has a valid CCW permit – even though she was in her own house, was startled by some noises she heard in the kitchen or hallway area.  She stated that the bedroom door opened where she was at — and she had a gun readily available and she fired a round at someone coming through the door.”

The daughter was shot with a .38 revolver, and the bullet struck her in the right bicep. A towel was over the wound, covered in blood when paramedics arrived to render aid.

Over the years of Concealed Nation, we’ve covered numerous stories where family members mistake other family members as intruders inside their homes. When paranoia takes over, we don’t think as clearly as we should be.

Always, in any self-defense situation with a firearm, we need to be sure of the target. Always.

We hope that the teen is able to fully recover from this ordeal, as well as the mother, and maybe it’ll turn into a family joke at some point. “Hey mom, remember when you shot me that one time?”

It’s never a funny thing, really.

If you’re home alone and are on edge, get on the phone with 911 if you think someone is inside your home. They’ll provide direction that can help. And, for the love of all that is holy, if your bedroom door opens, take a second to make sure it’s not your kid coming home from college to surprise you.

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