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Shop Owner Draws Gun On Multiple Armed Robbers, Sending Them Fleeing For Safety

PLEASANT HILL, CALIFORNIA — Albert Marcu, a 73-year-old worker at Estates Consignments in Pleasant Hill, successfully deterred a robbery by pulling out his gun at the intruders. The incident occurred around 4:20 p.m. on Monday. Marcu confronted several young men who, along with a woman acting as a scout, attempted to rob the store, which specializes in jewelry, rings, and watches.

The woman, identified as a scout, was observed surveying the store’s security setup and communicating with the accomplices outside. She attempted to prevent the security guard from closing the door, allowing her associates to enter forcibly, one wielding a sledgehammer. As they rushed towards the jewelry section, a store worker screamed, prompting Marcu to draw his .38-caliber revolver. The sight of the firearm caused the would-be robbers to flee the store, escaping in two Infiniti Q50s, one white and the other black.

The quick arrival of Pleasant Hill police, drawn by a license plate reader alert due to the white Infiniti being stolen, was not enough to apprehend the suspects.

Marcu, prepared for such incidents due to recent similar robberies, stated his readiness to use his gun in defense of his life and that of his employees. He emphasized the need for business owners to protect themselves, citing the absence of his German shepherd, Tiger, who was at the groomer’s, as a missed deterrent for the intruders. The incident highlighted the increasing need for self-defense in the face of rising store robberies.

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