The Courts Have Spoken: No Firearm Purchases For People Holding Medical Marijuana Cards


If you reside in certain states in the US and hold a medical marijuana card, you’ve just been told that you aren’t allowed to purchase a firearm. shares the news;

The court ruled 3-0 on Wednesday that a ban preventing medical marijuana card holders from purchasing firearms is not in violation of the Second Amendment, the Associated Press reports. There are nine western states under the appeals court’s jurisdiction, including Nevada, where the case originated.

A lawsuit was filed in 2011 by Nevada resident S. Rowan Wilson after she tried to purchase a gun for self-defense and was denied based on a federal ban on the sale of guns to users of illegal drugs. Though marijuana has been legalized in some places on a state-by-state basis, it remains illegal under federal law. The court maintained that drug use “raises the risk of irrational or unpredictable behavior with which gun use should not be associated.”

Wilson, of course, plans to appeal the decision. It’s likely to take a while to make it’s way through the system, but it’s also likely that this issue will pop up in other areas as the months go on.

While I don’t use marijuana myself, I’m sure you’ll be hard pressed –as I am– to encounter an angry person that does. To restrict these people who use it for medical purposes is… silly.

If they truly want to talk ‘irrational or unpredictable behavior’, they should apply the same ruling for those who drink alcohol. Not going to happen? I didn’t think so.

What about all of the medications and pain killers that… never mind. My thoughts will fall on blind minds.

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