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If You Run Over A Bondsman That’s Trying To Catch You, You’re Likely Going To Get Shot, In This Case In Both Arms

CHARLOTTE, SOUTH CAROLINA — 24-year-old Christopher Davidson failed to appear in court, and two bondsmen were out looking for him. They found him, but it’d prove to be an uneasy capture.

Davidson was in his car when they found him. He then used that car as a deadly weapon.

Local media reports;

According to the York County Sheriff’s Department, Davidson ran over one of the bondsman and struck the other with his car.

At some point one of the bondsman shot at the suspect twice, shooting him once in both arms.

When deputies got on scene, Davidson had a tourniquet on his arm and all three men were lying on the ground. They are all expected to fully recover.

via wbtv.com

Once Davidson recovers, he’ll be facing numerous charges on top of whatever he had going on to begin with.

Being a bondsman doesn’t sound like an easy job, but another bondsman who commented on the situation says that while incidents like this aren’t typical, they should be planned for.

“When a bondsman is going after someone like that, they’re usually a fugitive at some point because they’ve failed to appear in court,” said Wesley Baker of 007 Baker Bail Bonds. “You know the person is already trying to feel from the law, so being really cautious. We have to be.”

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