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Man Has Negligent Discharge Inside Gun Shop, 1 Injured

CARSON CITY, NEVADA — A negligent discharge at Wild Bill’s Gun Too in Carson City resulted in one person being injured by glass shards. The mishap occurred late Tuesday morning when a customer negligently fired a gun he had brought into the store, not in the presence of an employee.

Authorities, including the Carson City Fire Department and sheriff’s deputies, confirmed the incident, emphasizing that no other individuals were harmed. The injured party received hospital treatment, and law enforcement officials secured the scene, confirming there was no further danger.

This incident underlines the critical importance of proper and safe firearms handling. Negligent discharges can be prevented by following safety protocols, including keeping the finger off the trigger until ready to shoot, never pointing a firearm at anything not intended as a target, and always assuming a firearm is loaded. Regular training and education on safe firearm usage are essential to negate the risk of such accidents, ensuring the safety of both firearms owners and those around them.

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