Armed Thug In Hospital After Attempting To Rob Man At Gas Pump… Who Was Also Armed

MARTINSVILLE, VIRGINIA — A 23-year-old is recovering in the hospital after himself and a juvenile accomplice attempted to rob a concealed carrier as he was pumping gas.

A shootout followed, and this armed citizen is alive thanks to his quick thinking.

Martinsville police say the shootout on June 2 sent alleged gunman Marquis Antonio Waller of Martinsville to the hospital, where the 23-year-old is still recovering from a single gunshot. Police say Waller tried to rob a man pumping gas, but the intended victim was also armed and shot the robber.

Police say a juvenile accompanying Waller also pulled a handgun and began shooting.


When you play stupid games…

The juvenile surrendered to police at some point after the incident.

There was no mention of the armed citizen being injured, so we assume that he was able to come out unharmed.

Gas stations are notorious for these types of robbery attempts, whether it’s inside or out. In all places, it’s important that we never let our guard down, but it’s even more crucial to be on high alert when pumping your gas. Criminals see this as an opportunity to catch their intended victims off-guard while they are focused at the pump.

Keep those heads on a swivel, and those chambers hot.

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