San Diego Woman Convicted For Brandishing Firearm During Road Rage Dispute

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA — Raquel Medina Hall, a 55-year-old San Diego resident, was found guilty of misdemeanor charges for brandishing a firearm threateningly and carrying a concealed weapon. The conviction comes in the wake of an incident on June 5, 2021, when Hall intervened in a road rage dispute between two parties outside a boating and fishing equipment store in Point Loma.

The dispute arose when one vehicle obstructed another, causing the occupants of both cars to engage in a heated argument in the store’s parking lot. Hall, who was neither involved in the altercation nor knew any of the parties involved, called over the people from one of the cars and drew a handgun from her waistband, aiming it at them.

Claiming to be a law enforcement officer, Hall later confirmed during her trial at the San Diego Superior Court that she worked in private security. Following the incident, the threatened couple dialed 911, leading to police visiting Hall’s residence where she surrendered her firearm willingly.

Despite possessing a permit for the gun, Hall’s concealment of the firearm was deemed illegal.

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Raquel Medina Hall

This is proof the media lies. My Second Amendment Rights were violated. I was protecting an elderly man from being attacked by a road rager, when he summoned his wife, and they both turned on me. I used my proven license to carry to protect myself. The City Attorney put on a spectacular court show, filled with lies. I was placed on a one year probation without being able to carry, (again my Second Amendment Rights were violated). I did no jail time, paid a fee, and one year later all charges were dropped.