Armed Suspect Is Shot In Head After Approaching Armed Citizen In Chicago

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — An armed suspect picked the wrong target, during what was likely the start of an armed robbery attempt. The incident happened in an apartment alley just after 4 pm Monday, and the armed citizen acted quickly in order to save his life.

He was walking into an apartment alley about 4:15 p.m. when a man approached him in the 2500 block of South California Avenue and took out a handgun, Chicago police said.

The man, 25, took out his own gun and shot the 20-year-old in his head, police said. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital in critical condition.

via Fox 32 Chicago

The concealed carrier has a license to carry in the State of Illinois, and police verified this at the scene. He was not injured during the incident.

Illinois became the last state in the Country to put concealed carry laws on the books a few years back. Since then, we have documented numerous self-defense situations where armed citizens were able to successfully defend themselves while out and about during their regular routines.

Prior to this law, armed citizens outside of their homes was basically unheard of.

Police are investigating, but it is very unlikely that the armed citizen will be facing any charges.

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