Three Motorcyclists Shot, Two Dead In Highway Shooting


REIDSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA – Two motorcyclists were fatally shot, and another was wounded in a Monday afternoon shooting in Rockingham County. Officials say deputies found three gunshot victims located along the U.S. 29 bypass Northbound corridor from Barnes Street to N.C. 14 in Reidsville.

The area was closed off and traffic was rerouted as authorities investigated the scene. According to investigators, the gunshots were fired from an occupant of a Dodge Dually pickup. The two victims that died were on the same motorcycle. One was pronounced dead at the scene and the other died at the hospital. The third person who suffered a gunshot was able to walk away from the incident and was injured on a separate motorcycle. Police do not yet have a motive, and it is unknown if the suspect and victims knew each other.

As a rider for nearly two decades, I have often pondered the total exposure when on the bike. In fact, I had a discussion on the topic with two friends who also ride just a few weeks ago. There is virtually no physical protection. You are exposed to the elements, the road and all of its hazards, other vehicles, animals…and bullets, pellets or slugs.

Even if you are armed, it is almost impossible to return fire while still rolling, as the machine requires both hands for throttle, clutch, and braking controls. Although bikes are known for being able to accelerate rapidly and out-maneuver most passenger vehicles (depending on the rider’s skill set), you may be in a gridlock situation where escape is not a possibility.

If you suffer a gunshot wound it could easily cause you to lose control of the bike and crash, which could result in death or serious injuries much worse than the gunshot wound that caused it. If you are able to make a controlled stop and dismount without dropping the bike, you may be able to use the bulk of the bike as cover and return fire.

Bottom line, if you’re on a motorcycle, you’re much more vulnerable than in a passenger vehicle.

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