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Group Of Catalytic Converter Thieves Open Fire When Confronted

In the video below, a group of catalytic converter thieves are interrupted by a man, reportedly a block watch captain.

Instead of bolting or mugging the man, one of the thieves actually opens fire, reportedly shooting the man in the chest and placing him in critical condition for several days.

Thankfully, he reportedly survived.

After that, shockingly, the thief holding a laser-mounted handgun waited around a corner seemingly to shoot the man he just shot again, should he reappear.

That really doesn’t strike me as the behavior of your average thief. Check out the video below, and when you do, ask yourself the following:

  1. Was it wiser to confront these thieves, or call emergency services?
  2. What can you do to prepare yourself to deal with a medical emergency to yourself or someone else?
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