Woman Drops Man in Rooming House in Self-Defense Shooting


NEWPORT NEWS, VA — A man was shot and killed by a woman decades his senior in a rooming house in which both resided, the Daily Press reports.

The man, Quintez Moore, age 30, seems to have been arguing with the female resident, aged 61, and allegedly attacked her.

That didn’t sit right with her — she took the initiative back from her attacker, shooting him. The shooting would claim his life.

Charges are unlikely to be filed, however, as Newport News police spokesman Brandon Maynard noted:

As of right now, it appears to be a self-defense shooting. There was a reported altercation between the two, which led to the shooting. … He died as a result of the shooting.

Newport News Police Spokesman Brandon Maynard

Although it’s unfortunate a life was lost, police seem to be inclined to believe the innocence of the armed citizen, including the local chief of police.

If they decide it’s a criminal homicide, then we will obtain warrants and make an arrest,” Drew said. “But the information I have so far, from evidence at the scene and what I’m seeing now, is that this is going to be a justifiable homicide… It looks like it’s a strong possibility that this is going to be self-defense.

Newport News Police Chief Steven Drew 

Thank the Lord that this woman had the wisdom to be responsibly-armed at the time and place in which she most needed it.

When a citizen is responsibly-armed, massive disparities in age, height, size, or strength are severely reduced. It’s not a pleasant thing to contemplate the capability of one to take on all attackers — but the alternative, as you all know, is far worse.

Hopefully now this woman can experience a measure of the peace she deserves.

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