NEGLIGENT DISCHARGE: Florida Man Shoots Himself In Leg When Moving Firearm From Holster To Center Console

BARTOW, FLORIDA — A 39-year-old concealed carrier made a bad move when trying to move his firearm from one place to the other.

There’s a method to doing this, if it’s truly needed, and he did it wrong.

“While waiting in his vehicle, Mr. Villarreal removed a concealed firearm from his waistband to secure it in an interior vehicle compartment,” the Bartow Police Department said in a news release. “During this action, Mr. Villarreal accidentally discharged the firearm, striking himself in the right leg.”

I always wish that I could speak with the people who have these negligent discharges, just to see what exactly happened. What kind of holster were they using? What position were they carrying? What firearm? How did the trigger get depressed?

Villarreal was taken to the hospital and was in stable condition.

If it’s not absolutely necessary, try to keep your firearm in the same place while inside your vehicle. When you’re sitting, it can make it increasingly difficult to move said firearm around.

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