[VIDEO] Glock 43x vs Glock 26

I clearly remember the days when Glock was one of the few handgun manufacturers that did not produce a single stack 9mm pistol. They made the Glock 26 in 9mm and the Glock 27 in .40 S&W. These models were known as “Baby Glocks.” They were short and stocky double-stack handguns with a stout feel. They enjoyed a strong Glock reliability reputation as they were fine CCW handguns.

Four years ago, Glock released their first single stack 9mm pistol called the Glock 43. Critics said Glock was late to the party but Glock fans were thrilled to finally have a light-weight single-stack Glock pistol. The G43 performed and reviewed incredibly well. Consistent with most Glocks, the aftermarket support for the G43 was strong. Albeit high praises, the greatest complaint was the low six round magazine capacity.

When compared to the single-stack 9mm competition, the G43 was short on rounds. The M&P Shield offered seven and eight round magazines and several of the Kahr Arms pistols produced single-stack handguns with magazines that carried up to eight rounds. The hammer truly came down last year when Sig Sauer produced the sub-compact P365 that carried 10 rounds in a small and lightweight pistol package that set the CCW world on fire.

What was Glock’s answer? To re-brand the Glock 43 to the Glock 43X and expand the magazine capacity to 10 rounds of 9mm. As with every new Glock pistol, it received both praise and hate but it sure flew off the shelves in the local gun stores.
Since the announcement of the Glock 43X, many people were asking, will this model kill the Glock 26? The G43X is thinner, lighter and both models carry 10 rounds rounds in the magazine. The G43X has a “silverish” matte PVD finished slide with upgraded forward serrations. Several fans of the single-stack Glock 43X asked, why would anyone purchase a Glock 26?

Let’s remember that traditional Glock fans are tough to break or change. They thoroughly looked at the Glock 43X and immediately noticed advantages of the Glock 26. The shorter G26 grip is easier to conceal. The additional weight reduces felt recoil and most importantly, the G26 accepts higher capacity magazines. Combined, these facts create a major advantage for those who favor the Glock 26.

The choice between the Glock 43X and the Glock 26 boils down to personal preferences. Each individual shooter knows and appreciates what is important for their shooting and carry success. Watch the video and let us know which of these models you feel is superior and why.

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