Ex-Bounty Hunter Pulls Gun on Package-Thieving Duo, Chases After Them, Police Catch Up

LAS VEGAS, NV — A Las Vegas man, prepared for an attempt at stealing a package off of his front porch, produced a deadly threat on two wannabe thugs already in headlong retreat,LasVegasNOW reports.

The resident, a former bounty hunter named Alex Mazzola, wildly overreacted to the crime as reported below:

It was all caught on security camera. The drivers exits the vehicle and walks up the driveway, with his hands in his pockets, wearing all black. Just seconds later, the security footage shows something different — that same man, running for his life.

Footage from the home’s Ring doorbell shows why. The man walks up to the door where an unattended package sits, he’s confronted by a man inside. “You trying to steal something?” asks the homeowner. “No!” The would-be package thief ran as the homeowner chased him outside.

On the other side of the camera was Alex Mazzola. He is not your average homeowner. “I am an ex-bounty hunter,” Mazzola explained casually. “I used to chase guys… I’ve arrested MS-13 guys.”

It was a surprise for the unsuspecting porch pirate. “He got pretty scared real fast,” Mazzola recalled.

The video shows as Mazzola chased the criminal on-foot. Then he realized, there was a second person waiting inside the car. “Once I saw the face I pulled the gun on him saying, ‘get out of the car,’” he said.


You can view some of the video coverage below:

I’m sorry to break it to this ex-bounty hunter, but this is wildly bad form.

Stealing from a porch is not an offense against which a victim can employ deadly force. I mean, come on — that’s basic.

Theft is no joke, and it’s not pleasant to feel hampered from preventing a violation of one’s property — but that does not mean that this man had the right to pull a gun on an intended thief who, as noted, didn’t even take anything from him. It’s the chase that can get you into trouble.

Be safe, stand up for yourself — but be smart, too.

This guy doesn’t need to be telling anyone how to respond to a threat of this nature.

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