So, I Picked Up A Non-Metallic Knife On Amazon For Self-Defense

At nearly the same time, John and I found out that we purchased the same thing, except mine was delivered a few days later.

It’s the KA-BAR Shark Bite knife, and it contains zero metal.

The Ka-Bar TDI (tactical defense Institute) Shark Bite is made completely of Ultramid, a synthetic material, and features a 2.625″ blade. The overall length is 5.125″. the Shark Bite comes with an Ultramid sheath and 24″ #3 black epoxy coated steel ball chain.

It’s super light, and even though it’s not made of metal, it has an impressively sharp edge to it.

Now this isn’t a knife that you use regularly. It’s more of a one-time thing, for an urgent situation. Like, self-defense for example.

It snaps into the sheath from the side and is pretty secure.

Many people ask: Why make a knife that’s not metal?

My response: Ponder that question for a moment.

There are many places that this little knife can be taken, legally of course. These are places that most people find themselves defenseless, and not by choice.

Anyway, it’s currently sitting at $16.25 as of this writing, and is a nice addition to certain places that you may be going.

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