6th Grade Girl Shoots 3 At Middle School, Police Searching For Motive And Source Of Firearm

RIGBY, IDAHO — Following up on yesterday’s middle school shooting, police have announced that the suspect is a 6th grade female student. A teacher successfully disarmed the girl, but not until she was able to shoot 3 people.

The sixth grader removed a handgun from her backpack and began firing just after 9 a.m., the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said at the press conference. Two people were shot in a school hallway, before she moved outside and another person was shot, the sheriff’s office said.

via ABC News

Where would a kid get such an idea? Probably the media. Outside of that, where would a middle school student find a handgun? If it were taken from a family member, some responsibility certainly lies on that family member for failing to secure their firearm.

All 3 injured parties were shot in the limbs and are expected to recover. Luckily, the girl is a bad shot.

As police continue the investigation and look for a motive and where the firearm was obtained from, we can only sit back and wonder how a 6th grader got it into her head that going to school with a gun –and shooting people– would be an option.

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