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It Helps When The Home Invaders Shoot Each Other, Removing The Burden From The Homeowner

“A 49-year-old man heard a loud disturbance at his front door just after 11 p.m. in the 9500-block of South Calhoun Avenue in the Jeffrey Manor neighborhood, Chicago police said. When he went to investigate, two masked, armed individuals forced their way inside, according to CPD.” That’s the story from abc7chicago.com.

The homeowner was unarmed, so he called for help from a couple of other men who were in the basement and the three fought back against the two home invaders. That’s when one of the armed intruders fired a couple of shots, hitting his accomplice.

One of the suspects was shot in the chest and died at the scene, according to CPD.

One of the three men in the home was wounded, but will recover. The shooter made his escape and is still being sought by the CPD (which means he has a good chance of getting off scot-free).

It’s far easier to defend yourself and your family of you can count on burglars and home invaders to shoot each other. Unfortunately, you can’t really rely on that. That’s why owning a firearm and knowing how to use it effectively is probably your best bet.

By Dan Zimmerman via TTAG and republished with permission.

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