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Man Shoots, Kills Moose Mid-Attack — Authorities Determine Self-Defense

Terreton, Idaho — An Idaho resident shot and killed an adult male moose after it charged him, making him fear for his safety, according to reports.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the moose had been making himself known in residential areas around Terreton and Mud Lake for better than a week, and had apparently become “increasingly agitated.”

Before the man was forced to shoot this moose, he reportedly attempted to “haze” the moose out of the yard. This behavior is not unheard-of, according to New York State’s amusingly-named Moose Response Manual.

Less amusing, however, is what took place when this hazing failed.

The moose reportedly charged the unnamed man, and the man tried to stop the attack by shooting the moose, and he succeeded. According to Idaho Fish and Game, the moose was “only a few yards away” from the man when he killed it. The man managed to avoid injury.

Both local law enforcement and Fish and Game responded to the incident, and it was determined that the man had acted in self-defense.

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