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6-Year-Old Boy Gets Hold Of Irresponsible Gun Owner’s Gun, Dies From Gunshot Wound

MIAMI GARDENS, FLORIDA — A 6-year-old boy is dead after a Florida gun owner failed to properly secure his or her firearm in a home that had children present.

The death, which was completely preventable, is a devastating reminder to gun owners all across the world as to the importance of securing our firearms so that they are not accessible to the most vulnerable.

Local media reports;

MIAMI GARDENS, FL (WSVN/CNN) – Police say a 6-year-old boy in Florida accidentally took his own life when he shot himself in the head with a firearm that had not been properly stored.

First responders arrived on scene Saturday morning, where they attempted to resuscitate the unresponsive 6-year-old. The boy was airlifted to the hospital in critical condition and was later pronounced dead.

“We need to really pray, seek God and really watch our kids, be mindful of our children,” said an area resident who did not want to be identified.
Investigators say the 6-year-old found the firearm, which was not properly stored, and was playing with it when he accidentally shot himself in the head.

Police say that some adults were home at the time of the incident, and are trying to piece together the details of how this was able to happen, and where everyone was at the time.

It’s carelessness that caused this to happen, and it could have been easily avoided. You, as the adult and gun owner, are the responsible party in a case such as this.

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