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School Staff Member Fired After Leaving Purse With Handgun In School Bathroom Overnight

OCONEE COUNTY, GEORGIA — A staff member at a Georgia primary school was arrested and ultimately fired from her job when her purse was found left in a restroom at the school, the contents of which included a handgun.

A school employee found the purse and brought it to the front office, and then discovered the gun inside the purse. Police arrested the woman for carrying the firearm on school property.

“We have no reason to believe that she had any intention of causing harm,” the sheriff’s office wrote on its Facebook page.

The desire to carry a firearm on school property is one understood by us, of course for good intentions only. However, we must be responsible gun owners and abide by laws, and take steps to get those laws changed. The irresponsible level of this incident is multiple, as we have a person who not only carried a firearm on school grounds unlawfully, but also showed extreme neglect by leaving her firearm behind in the restroom.

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