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Robber Shot And Killed By Armed Pharmacist During Robbery Attempt

LULING, LOUISIANA — An armed and masked robber was trying to make a quick score, but his plan didn’t end up the way he wanted. He probably knew that there was a chance it wouldn’t work, but he might not have known that he wouldn’t make it out alive.

The armed man forced his way behind the counter with the pharmacist and clerk and began to demand drugs. This wasn’t going to be an easy score, however, and things began to get physical.

Once the opportunity was available during some sort of scuffle, the pharmacist pulled out a firearm of his own and shot the robber.

The masked man made it just a few hundred feet and ultimately collapsed outside behind the drug store. He did not survive.

When push comes to shove, this pharmacist wasn’t going down without a fight. Luckily for himself and the clerk, no one except the armed robber was seriously injured during this unfortunate incident.

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