Know Your Target: Girlfriend Shoots Boyfriend In Chest After Mistaking Him For Intruder

HOUSTON, TX — A woman in Houston, Texas easily could have killed her boyfriend after mistaking him for a burglar — she came awful close.

According to Newsfix, when her boyfriend entered her bedroom after having issues deactivating the house alarm, she assumed it was a burglar and opened fire.

Bad form and a bad move.

As Newsfix reports:

The shooting happened around 11:10 p.m. on Dec. 20 at 3514 Lydia Street. According to police, Solomon Hodges, 35, arrived home and was unable to turn off the alarm system. As he walked into the bedroom in the dark, he ran into his girlfriend.

Startled and threatened for her and her children’s safety, the woman shot Hodges once in the chest with a pistol, police said. After realizing Hodges was not a burglar, she drove him to Ben Taub General Hospital.

According to police, Hodges is in stable condition and no charges have been filed.

I have said it once, and I will gladly say it again: it is not sufficient to shoot at the ominous silhouette you’re pretty sure is a threat.

You have to be sure. If you’re not sure, innocent people can die.

Depending in her children’s age, it could well have been one of them trying to fix the alarm after a night out of the house.

This woman is extremely lucky to have accidentally hit someone who was kind enough and close enough to her not to press charges after the incident.

Although some do not prefer to keep a flashlight on their home defense tool, I cannot recommend it more strongly.

It can save lives, and in this case, a man wouldn’t be shot.

Be smart out there, folks.

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