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Clerk Not Having Armed Robbery Attempt, Comes Around Counter And Destroys Criminal

HUDSON, FLORIDA — A man on a crime spree, one of which he seems to leave empty-handed in all cases, went into a gas station and told the clerk that he had a gun and was robbing the place.

The clerk, a pretty big guy who doesn’t seem amused, calls the guy’s bluff and walks around the counter and towards him.

That’s where the clerk shows the criminal just how serious he is about the situation.

This was indeed a bold move by the clerk, because we can never be sure if the person posing the threat in this case is actually armed or not. If he was, there wasn’t much stopping him from pulling out a gun and shooting the clerk as he approached.

Something must have told this clerk, however, that this man wasn’t actually a threat, and that’s where he made the decision to take matters into his own hands.

It’s too bad that the video doesn’t have any audio, as I’d be curious to hear the exchange of words between the two.

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