Fired Worker Goes Back To Restaurant With Gun, Opens Fire And Robs The Place, Because That’s What Criminals Do

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — A man is behind bars after police say he went to a restaurant that he was recently fired from, and caused a chaotic scene that included robbery, hostages, and shooting three employees.

The violent incident occurred around 10:15 p.m. Monday, July 26, at the Fish House North located at 4554 N. Tryon Street. As CMPD officers got to the scene of the reported robbery and shooting, they found three employees inside with apparent gunshot wounds.

via wowktv.com

Employees identified the suspect to police, who was captured a short time later.

During the incident, the suspect went inside the restaurant and pulled out a gun. He shot three employees and demanded money and items from the location. He then fled on foot.

This felon is facing a host of charges and will likely be spending some serious time locked up. At least one can only hope.

This brings up a popular topic for us, and that’s carrying while at the workplace. Time and time again we see disgruntled ex-employees coming back to their previous place of employment with violent intentions. If it’s not that, it could be an ex of one of your co-workers who is looking for revenge. Whatever the case, you will always be your own first responder.

And how you approach that fact is up to you.

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