Do You Have A ‘Bump In The Night’ Handgun?

I’m sure you’ve had at least one occasion where you were awoken from a deep sleep by an unknown noise. It’s happened to us all, and we know how unsettling the feeling can be.

Most of these instances are something that isn’t trying to break into our homes, such as a garbage can falling over outside or a windy night that throws something around.

Still, many of us have a ‘bump in the night’ gun that we keep close by. For the purposes of this article, I’m only interested in hearing what handgun you keep in close proximity while you sleep.

Since it’s not something that we need to conceal on our person, I’m assuming that the main choices are those that hold more rounds than we may typically carry.

Mine is the FN FNS 9c, which holds a healthy 17 rounds with the extended magazine.

So what have you? What’s your handgun of choice closest to you at night?

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