Open Carrier Shot At By Passing Vehicle, Returns Fire

DOVER, DELAWARE — An open carrier was shot at by a driver of a vehicle wielding a shotgun. During a midnight drive, he saw the driver pull up beside him and pull out the shotgun. He took cover as the man opened fire. Using his own gun, he returned fire but it’s unknown if he hit his attacker.

According to WDEL News, the victim suffered wounds to his face and neck tracing back to the shattered glass of his passenger side door and window. He made it safely to a hospital where he got treatment. Police have filed no charges against him related to the incident but are still on the lookout for the man who opened fire on him.

No word as to whether or not this was gang-related, road rage, or just random malicious intent.

The world is getting crazy out there. We’ve seen our share of stories where gun owners are forced to defend themselves on the road when they are threatened or directly attacked. It’s next to impossible to properly engage another mobile attacker with a pistol while you’re also driving. Hollywood may say different but reality is that you’re dealing with a lot of immediate variables. First, you have to stay on the road. Second, obviously take some cover. And third, if possible, engage with judicious marksmanship.

After all, just because bad guys don’t care about the law, we’re still accountable if our rounds damage anything but our intended target.

It’s scary to think that a driver may have been just so tee’d off he decided to bring out a shotgun but we don’t get to choose the fight. The most any of us can hope for is to successfully defend ourselves until we can get to safety.

Thankfully, that’s what this guy did. And it’s a solemn reminder that if you’re not carrying every single day, you’re one step behind the madman that is trying to idly take your life.

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