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Day Or Night, Gas Stations Can Be Dangerous Places

I’m very picky about gas stations. First and foremost, I’m only going to a gas station during the day, regardless of where it’s located. Second, I’ll try to stop at a busy gas station in a nice part of town. Both of these actions won’t guarantee anything, but I feel it’s better than going to a gas station in a bad part of town at night.

The first video in the compilation below shows an armed carjacking during the day, and at what seems to be a busy gas station. As for the part of town, I can’t say, but it was somewhere in the city of Houston.

Most if not all of my criteria would have been met, and of course things like this can still happen even under excellent circumstances. Crime happens everywhere, and never for get that fact.

When I’m at the pump, or doing something with my vehicle (as you’ll see in the second video), I try to keep my head moving around to see who and what is around me. Of course we’re not going to catch everything, but keeping your eyes moving, instead of buried in your phone or watching the dollar amount on the pump go up, is a getter move.

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