RAW VIDEO: Shootout Between Felons At Gas Station Has Everyone Ducking For Cover

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI — In a common defiance of law, two career felons decided to get into a shootout at a gas station in the wee-hours of September 12th, not caring who was around that could have received a bullet during their childish games. The two felons are known to law enforcement, but it’s not known at this time if they have been arrested in connection with this incident. If you think that a gunfight in the movies is terrifying, put yourself in the shoes of one of these innocent bystanders. The video below offers multiple camera angles in great detail: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roQ-ObzbDxU If you happened to be at this gas station at the time of this incident, deciding to take action is a scary situation. Who would you point your gun at? The answer is; there is no answer. If two people are actively firing at each other, you’d better be hightailing it out of harms way. Did you notice the one man frantically squeeze himself under a vehicle? He’s seen in the bottom left of the picture just before hiding himself: Now you see him… Now you don’t. Whether or not it was a good decision will never be known but if it had been people firing at random, it’s likely that he would have gone unnoticed underneath the car. Was it his car? I hope so because if someone hopped in and started to drive away, that’d be a bad day. In the end, no one was reported as being injured, which means that everyone at this location should be happy that the two felons were terrible shots. They did, however, do thousands of dollars worth of damage to vehicles and the gas station. It’s a miracle that no one was injured or killed. If you were there, inside the gas station, what do you feel your course of action would be? And alternatively if you were outside, not in your vehicle, what would you have done and where would you have gone? One thing is for sure: Don’t be this guy who just stands there. At least get around the corner of the building.
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